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Arlon® offers the industry's top selection of vehicle wrap finishes for all of your vehicle color change needs including; Ultra Matte, Metallic, Sparkle Effect, Matte Effect, Pearlescent, Carbon Fiber and Brushed Metal finishes.

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The unsurpassed multi-layer color film with premium clear protective film in one construction provides exceptional conformability, ease of handling and installation. The advanced tinted, high-tack, repositionable, pressure-sensitive adhesive system is designed to perform well on new and smooth surface OEM vehicle paint. It is offered in a wet-paint look in glossy, super matted finish, pearlescent and sparkle metallic finishes.

Total Warranty System

We are backed by Arlons Total Warranty (TWS) System, which provides a complete guarantee when using recommended Arlon products.

You can be sure that you are getting the quality products backed by a warranty you can trust.

Technicians are rigorously trained and accredited to use the industry leading Arlon products. As always, we are dedicated to providing products and services that exceed the expectations of our customers.

Please be aware that vehicle wrapping is currently only available in certain locations .

NOTE: vehicle wrapping is currently only available in certain locations

Vehicle Wrapping

partical vehicle wrap

Partial Vehicle Wrapping

Roof, Mirrors, Grills, Handles and much more - almost any part can be wrapped within a few hours. Although vinyl is designed for exterior vehicle panels, we can also use it on certain types of interior parts including dash panels, plastic door trims, steering wheel trims, dial gauge trims, etc. Even household items and furniture such as laptops, tables, kitchen cabinets and fridges can be wrapped.

Global Tint full vehicle wrap

Full Vehicle Wrap

Wrapping is a fashionable, cost-efficient alternative to paint spraying and can simultaneously protect your vehicles original paintwork. Vinyl wrapping, unlike a complete re-colour re-spray, requires no amendments to the V5 document. A full car wrap will completely cover a vehicle or object in a vinyl film, which is effectively one large 'sticker' that won't damage the paintwork when removed. Vehicle wrapping will protect your vehicle against stone chips, scratches, grit and dents.

how it works

How it Works

The vinyl is heated and re-cast to perfectly correspond to the exact shape and dimensions of your vehicle, leaving a 'paint-like' finish to protect your investment. Vehicle wrapping is the perfect alternative to re-sprays - which can be expensive, unreliable, time consuming and require that your vehicle documentation be adjusted to reflect these permanent alterations. A vehicle wrap will mean no overspray and a fast, hassle free turn around.

Global Tint Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle Graphics

With our vehicle graphics, your vehicle can be turned into a useful advertising tool to get you noticed. By adding vehicle graphics, you will increase the advertising potential of your company vehicle immediately. Graphics can incorporate photographs and logos to further maximize the presence of your business on the road. Unlike traditional signwriting, graphics are easy to remove when you sell your vehicle.

The Benefits

Vehicle wraps provide lasting protection for expensive bodywork. The original paintwork is maintained in its original condition, adding further value to your investment.

♦ Change the colour of your vehicle quickly and easily

♦ Protect and preserve the original paintwork

♦ Remove it at any time and return the vehicle to its original finish