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About Our Film

You can be assured that Global Tint are dedicated to supply you with the highest quality professional window film products on the market today - backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Policy.

Providing much more than just good looks and cool comfort, our range of automotive Window Films will deliver benefits beyond your expectations.

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We've now made it easy for you to select your shade of window film by providing a new online tint generator!

Simply select your film shade on the generator and proceed to the enquiry or make a booking.

Quality Guaranteed

Our quality guarantee and Lifetime Warranty is what sets Global Tint apart from other window tint companies.

This means if there is ever a problem with the film, quality under the warranty terms provided, we will immediately replace the film with no questions asked.

We guarantee our customers the best possible service and after installation guarantees in the window tinting industry. All of our technicians and installers are rigorously trained, quality control monitored.

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Which Window Tint Are You?

car tinting style

Add style - Add value

Window Film like never before...

Window Film will block up to 99% of the sun's harmful ultra violet (UV) rays. This, together with the heat reduction, window film will help reduce the fading of your seats and carpets. Window Film will prolong the life of all rubber, wood, vinyl and leather inside your vehicle and help to protect your dashboard, mobile, audio equipment and speakers.

card tinting family

Protect the ones you love

Can you afford not to?...

Parents will know how children become restless and agitated when they are too hot in a car. Window film will keep your children cool and comfortable. It will also protect against harmful solar (UV) rays - The principal cause of skin cancer and premature skin aging - unlike stick-on screens and blinds that are often used only to simply limit the direct sunlight while restricting your vision.

car tinting dogs

The best you can do for your pet

Reduce Heat Exhaustion and Dehydration...

In a hot, stuffy car dogs can't cool down. Leaving a window open or sun-shield on your windows won't keep your car cool enough. When it is just 22 ºC (72º F) outside, the temperature inside a car can soar to 47º C (117º F) or higher. Window film will protect your pet from heat exhaustion and dehydration all year around.

car tinting protection

Out of sight - Out of mind

Protection for you and your Possessions...

Window film provides an increased level of privacy from the prying eyes of thieves. These thefts are normally carried out by opportunists who will expect the window to smash and fall into the car so that they can grab the goods quickly and run. Window film will hold broken glass together if it's shattered in an accident.

Our Experience

The installers at Global Tint have tinted ten's of 1000's of different vehicles. This means that there will always be a qualified installer on the team who is experienced in working on your type of vehicle. Because of our expertise, we are proud to be the appointed Window Tint Company for most of the main Car Dealerships.

Our installers have and have undergone extensive and rigorous training exclusively within the window film industry and have years of both National and International window tinting experience. You can rest-assured that it is our policy to only recruit the very best from the industry. We have built our unrivalled reputation based professionalism, experience and knowledge.