Getting the Best Tinting Deals (Infographic)

Getting the Best Tinting Deals Some people think window tinting is just an unnecessary luxury because of its hefty price tag. True enough, higher quality tints are not easy on the pockets, especially when applied by reliable and credible tinting companies. However, should consumers look at car tinting this way? While it is highly-priced at surface value, shouldn’t car owners see this [...]

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Top Tips for Successful Car Tinting (Infographic)

Top Tips For Successful Car Tinting
Deciding to finally have your car windows tinted is one of the best favors you did for yourself. Aside from making your ride classier on the exterior, you also protect the [...]

Don’t be a victim of Smash and Grab

Not all the things that happen during the holiday season are bright and happy. Although most people may embrace the Christmas cheer and spirit, some may take advantage of the [...]

How to Know When It’s Time to Replace your Tint (Infographic)

How to know when its time to replace your tint
In the same way that parts of your vehicle will tire and wear over time, window tints also eventually need to be replaced. The longevity of your tints may depend on different [...]

Some Window Tinting Myths You Have To Stop Believing

Window Tinting Myths
If you have been dancing with the thought of having your car windows tinted but haven’t reached a decision yet, you may have come across some window tint misconceptions [...]

How to Spot a Bad Tinting Job (Infographic)

How to Spot a Bad Tinting Job
More and more people are convinced that having their car windows tinted are the best way to go—not just for added style but also because of the numerous benefits and [...]

Window Tint Training (why 3-day tint courses are bad)

window tinting
Like an art, car tinting should not be rushed. Every move should have its reason and every stroke should be calculated. But, unlike art, car tinting is not a talent, hence it [...]

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car (Infographic)

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car
It would be easy just to assume that everybody is aware of what is dangerous and not for pets, especially dogs. But, the harsh and sad truth is, not every body acknowledges [...]

Illegal Window Tinting (the UK law)

car tint
Like any serious matter, the government corresponds with intervening laws to regulate it for the benefit of the majority. Did you know that the UK is serious when it comes to [...]

Reasons to Tint your Car in Winter (Infographic)

Tint Your Car in Winter
Most of the reasons why you should tint your car windows point to the summer season: the weather is hot and humid, the sun’s glare can seriously hurt your eyes and cause [...]

Dangers of Cheap Car Tints

Car tint
At some point, car owners may be tempted to get cheap tints for their vehicles instead of investing in high quality films. Going for the cheapest kinds may be seem to be a [...]

Benefits of Tinting For Female Drivers (Infographic)

Benefits of Tinting for Female Drivers
Tinted car windows are generally great for everyone. Regardless of gender, it will give drivers the protection, safety and comfort that can greatly improve their driving and [...]

How to Remove Old Window Tint

Car tint
As much as you would like to cling on to your car window tints, everything deteriorates with time and age. It has to be removed and replaced.  Generally, the ‘life’ of [...]

Reasons To Tint Your Vehicle (Infographic)

Reasons to Tint Your Car
A car owner’s preference in having it tinted or not is usually decided on a variety of reasons. Some wanted it for the added privacy, while some like car tinting to make the [...]

Risks of Harmful UV Radiation While Driving

harmful risks of UV rays radiation
Do you think you’re protected from the heat of the sun (as well as the dangers to your health it can cause you) when you’re safe and sound inside the comfort of your car? [...]

Professional Car Tinting Versus Do-it-Yourself (Infographic)

Professional Car Tinting Versus Do-it-Yourself
Now that you have decided that car tinting is for you and your benefit, the next thing to consider is its application. Consumers usually have two options for tinting their [...]

Maintaining Your Car Window Tints

maintaining your car window tint
Maintaining Your Car Window Tints - how cleaning tinted windows is different from cleaning normal car windows Cleaning newly-tinted windows is a simple process as long as [...]

5 Dangers of Not Having your Car Tinted (Infographic)

Dangers of Not Having Your Car Tinted
Not having your car windows tinted does not only make your car less pretty, but it brings in some dangers for yourself and your family as well. Window tinting may appear to [...]

How to Choose a Tint Company?

Car Tint
Now that you have decided to have your windows/ car windows tinted, which company would you entrust your property? Most areas, local or otherwise, have an abundance of tint [...]

The Dangers of Leaving your Dog Inside the Car

Dog Inside the Car
Not every pet owner knows the dangers of leaving their pets inside a parked car. Many would assume that if its not that hot outside, or if it’s just for a couple of [...]

6 Benefits of Car Tint (Infographic)

benefits of car tint
Tinting your car may be an easy decision, but it is usually installed for the usual reason of privacy. But, did you know that there are other benefits of car tint other than [...]