Tips for First Time Tinted Car Owners (Infographic)

Tips For First Time Tinted Car Owners Now that you have decided that tinting your car is the best for you, it is important to take note that things about your vehicle may not be exactly like it was before prior tint application. Cleaning it may require more attention and taking care of it may entail more steps and precautions compared to a car without car tinting. However, all these added [...]

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Pros and Cons of Car Tinting During the Summer

car window tinting summer
Summer is already on its way out. Have you maximized your time under the summer sun? While many people took advantage of their free time to go on holiday breaks, road [...]

Why Three-day Tint Training Companies Are Not Worth It (Infographic)

Why Three-day tint training companies are not worth it
Because of the sudden demand of car window tinting, more and more companies have been sprouting recently to accommodate the demand. True enough, as the number of car owners [...]

How Window Tinting Can Actually Save You Money

coin stacks in front of car
While some people think window tinting is just an unnecessary luxury because of its hefty price tag, the truth is it is a long term investment. In reality, car tinting is [...]

Knowing When to Replace Old Window Tint (Infographic)

Knowing When To Replace Old Window Tint
Many people think that car window tinting comes with a hefty price tag. But, because of the long list of benefits it promises to car drivers and passengers alike, more and [...]