The Future of Car Window Tinting (Infographic)

The Future of Car Window Tinting Car tinting has come a long way from its roots. Since more and more car owners are realizing its importance and the benefits it can provide to the safety, security, comfort, and health protection of its passengers, countless tinting companies have set up and are more are setting up as the years pass by. Not only that, the technology of car window tinting [...]

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Car Window Tinting FAQs (Infographic)

Car Window Tinting FAQs
More and more people now realise the importance of having their car windows tinted. If you are still not sure whether to go for it or not, here is everything you have to know [...]

Winter-proof Your Car By Window Tinting

car window tips
Winter is coming...literally. A couple of months before the first snowflake lands on the ground, this is the perfect time to start preparing for the cold season. Many [...]

Tips for First Time Tinted Car Owners (Infographic)

Tips For First Time Tinted Car Owners
Now that you have decided that tinting your car is the best for you, it is important to take note that things about your vehicle may not be exactly like it was before prior [...]

How the Summer Heat Can Damage Your Car (Infographic)

How The Summer Heat Can Damage Your Car
Summer is the most awaited time for many. It is the time to go on breaks, holidays, and do a lot of travelling, be it international or at home. This is also the perfect time [...]