Can You Save Money Through Car Window Tinting?

Can you save money through car window tinting? Unlike what many people think, deciding to tint your car windows is not actually an expense, rather an investment and a measure of saving more money in the long run. Car tinting does not come with a hefty price tag for nothing. Most car owners probably decided to go and have car tints installed due to the long list of benefits it promises and offers to [...]

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How to Choose a Tint Company?

Car Tint
Now that you have decided to have your windows/ car windows tinted, which company would you entrust your property? Most areas, local or otherwise, have an abundance of tint [...]

The Dangers of Leaving your Dog Inside the Car

Dog Inside the Car
Not every pet owner knows the dangers of leaving their pets inside a parked car. Many would assume that if its not that hot outside, or if it’s just for a couple of [...]

6 Benefits of Car Tint (Infographic)

benefits of car tint
Tinting your car may be an easy decision, but it is usually installed for the usual reason of privacy. But, did you know that there are other benefits of car tint other than [...]