Tips for First Time Tinted Car Owners (Infographic)

Tips For First Time Tinted Car Owners Now that you have decided that tinting your car is the best for you, it is important to take note that things about your vehicle may not be exactly like it was before prior tint application. Cleaning it may require more attention and taking care of it may entail more steps and precautions compared to a car without car tinting. However, all these added [...]

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Window Tint Training (why 3-day tint courses are bad)

window tinting
Like an art, car tinting should not be rushed. Every move should have its reason and every stroke should be calculated. But, unlike art, car tinting is not a talent, hence it [...]

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car (Infographic)

Dangers of Leaving Your Dog In A Hot Car
It would be easy just to assume that everybody is aware of what is dangerous and not for pets, especially dogs. But, the harsh and sad truth is, not every body acknowledges [...]

Illegal Window Tinting (the UK law)

car tint
Like any serious matter, the government corresponds with intervening laws to regulate it for the benefit of the majority. Did you know that the UK is serious when it comes to [...]

Reasons to Tint your Car in Winter (Infographic)

Tint Your Car in Winter
Most of the reasons why you should tint your car windows point to the summer season: the weather is hot and humid, the sun’s glare can seriously hurt your eyes and cause [...]