How to Turn Your Car Into an Eco-Friendly Vehicle? (Infographic)

eco friendly vehicle Climate Change and Global Warming are two of the most pressing issues of the society today. Many efforts to aid it and minimize the human’s contribution to worsening its state are being made across different nations and different industries. According to studies, one of the biggest contributing factor to these environmental issues are brought about by [...]

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Life Span of Car Window Tints

lifespan of window tint
Everything has a lifespan or a shelf life—your vehicle and its window tints included. Every part of a vehicle will eventually need some maintenance and replacement. In [...]

Car Driving Tips in Winter (Infographic)

Car Driving Tips in Winter
The winter season poses a threat to driving—both the owner and their vehicles. Auto experts say the cold weather can cause damage to all parts of vehicles over time, [...]

Can You Save Money Through Car Window Tinting?

Can you save money through car window tinting?
Unlike what many people think, deciding to tint your car windows is not actually an expense, rather an investment and a measure of saving more money in the long run. Car [...]

How to Maintain Tinted Car Windows (Infographic)

How to Maintain Tinted Car Windows
After installing window films, maintaining them is the next priority. Maintaining your tinted windows and making sure it will last for as long as it could can be an easy, yet [...]